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First of all, I believe that escort services are not sex for money

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First of all, I believe that escort services are not sex for money

I’ve been asked how to avoid cops. You’re buying a relationship for money and it often includes sex. I’ve written a Legal Brief on the subject. The difference between escorts and cops is that an escort will avoid any conversation that the transaction is sex for money. A cop will try to get you to say that you are having sex for money. If the escort is using the words “sex for money” she is either very stupid, or she’s a cop. If she is avoiding the words “sex for money” or any other similar agreements then she’s probably OK.

Never say the words “sex for money” or make that agreement verbally. You are not buying sex for money. It’s a surrogate relationship that my include sexual contact.

She should also be paranoid that you are a cop. Most of the time there is a setup it’s the client who’s the cop trying to bust the escort. So you don’t want to talk about “sex for money” either. She has more reason to be paranoid about you being a cop. Don’t be insulted by this.

Cops would better serve the public if they focused on real crime like murders, bank robbers, and rapists, and leave consenting adults alone.

One common misconception about being busted is that you don’t actually have to have sex for money to get busted. All you have to do is to agree to have sex for money. So either of you can get busted even if no sex or money changes hands. They do need to get it on tape though. So never say those words and she should never say those words. I think saying that you are experiencing “love at first sight” followed by a big grin is a good way to break the ice. You might ask her if she’s experiencing love at first sight. A conversation like that would never occur if there were a cop involved because it wouldn’t be very convincing in front of a jury. So if you can say things that cops wouldn’t want on tape it tends to show her you’re not a cop.

Working on a Book

I’m working on a book and looking for ideas. It’s a book that is going to be a “how to” book for men. I’ve been with a lot of whores and over the years I’ve got a lot of complements about my understanding of women sexually. I didn’t think of myself as that great of a lover but what I’ve discovered is that the average male knows nothing about how to have sex right. At least that’s what I’m told by the women I’ve been with.

After doing a lot of interviews of these women on the subject about what I’m doing different than most men I’ve figured out quite a few things that work and quite a few things that don’t work. I am now starting this book that is targeted at making the average guy a lot better in bed. The goal is to explain things in such a way that the average guy can read it, understand it, do it, and see results. When this book is reviewed I want the reviewer to say, “I tried it and it works.”

People sometimes ask me, “OK Perkel, what makes you a sex expert?” Part of it is experience and part because I’m a nerd. I ask a lot of questions and I study and observe. As I write this book, all the concepts will be reviewed by several women, some of which are “experts” in their field. I have the ability to write clearly and explain things in detail. I am a middle age overweight nerd. If I can be an casual sex dating services impressive lover, you can too. And the only difference between me and you is that I know how to and you’re about to learn it.


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