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Lord, I have an evil presence in my household

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Lord, I have an evil presence in my household

Please cast it out in your name. I just went over every room in my household to cast it out, I blessed every room in your name! I thank you Lord for every blessing that is bestowed a upon blk review thus far! Amen!

i m facing a lots of problem by evil spirits, they are in my body, sent by my enemies to kill me,can u please get me rid of it, please help me.

i m facing a lots of problem by evil spirits, they are in my body, sent by my enemies to kill me,can u please get me rid of it, please help me.

I have had demons my whole life affect my way of thinking as if they were planted in my soul. 3 yrs ago they came into my house and ily. I started going out all the time with my girlfriend and drinking a lot which I have done most of my life to help me overcome my thoughts/feelings. I started seeing someone and all the sins began. I lost touch with God. I could not sleep so I started taking ativan. One night I took too many, could not deal with life. My body does not function like a human anymore. I look and feel different. I am never going to die, I will live like this forever. There is nothing anyone can do to help me. I can only pray for a miracle that God will forgive me, find my lost soul and put in back inside my lifeless body.

. I have no clue what to do,im only a teenager. I have no clue what I’ve done, I’ve gone to church, gotten closer to God.

She is being disturb by the bad spirit at home

All I can do is pray. everyday for my soul to somehow return to me, it would be a miracle. It has impacted my family but they are getting used to it. their lives must go on, right.

my soul physically/spiritually left my body. I’ve prayed and tried so many things to get it back. Is it possible to get it back. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Before it happened I had problems in my e this cold hearted person with no emotions. I just wanted to go out and party (have fun) all the time. I had a couple of affairs with no remorse. The sins multiplied, that is when I believe the demons stepped in and I could no longer sleep or work. I went into idle mode and could not pull myself out of it. I ended up overdosing on anxiety, sleeping pills on top of alcohol. The third time I saw my soul leave my body and it has not come back. What can I do? I had lost touch with God and now I am asking forgiveness for I am alive with no soul. it’s been 18 months. How can my soul come back to me? Where did it go?

I have been having problems with being held down at night, what ever did this has been there since I was little but now it is touching me instead of just following and giving me the feeling of being watched and unprotected

Please pray for my 7-month pregnant daughter. We have constantly pray, yet the bad spirit come back again and disturb my d), my son-in-law found my daughter inside the bathroom unconscious and with blood in her forehead and clothes. My daughter, when regain her consciousness, recalled the last thing she remember was she went inside the bathroom to wash, suddenly she heard voices, and everything turned out blackout. She didn’t even knew she fainted. Please help us pray to our Lord Jesus.


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