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What the Student Loan Crisis Means for Your Education in 2020

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What the Student Loan Crisis Means for Your Education in 2020

  • Consolidation: If you have several federal student loans, like some for undergraduate and some for graduate school, you may be able to use the federal loan consolidation program to compile all your student loans into one big loan with a different interest rate and payment plan. Your new interest rate will be the weighted average of the interest rates on your initial loans, rounded to the nearest one-eighth of one percent, and fixed for the life of the loan.

This can hurt their credit score and lead to other serious problems with the law and their finances

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You will make only one monthly payment to one organization instead of several. This is convenient, but it is not designed to save you money in the long term. Private lending institutions allow you to combine and refinance your student loans, which is different from the federal loan consolidation program. Refinancing: This option is designed to lower your interest rate. It may involve combining some loans, but the goal is to spend less money rather than creating more convenience. Private and federal loans can be refinanced for a lower interest rate, and part of refinancing may mean combining some of your student loans, so you pay only one monthly bill.

This option depends on how many student loans you have. For example, you may be able to combine and refinance your undergraduate loans for a lower interest rate, but not combine those with your graduate school loans.

Numbers from the Treasury Department in 2019 reported that as many as 44.2 million Americans carried a total of $1.48 trillion in student loan debt. This was not the debt total for working-age adults in the U.S.; it just included debt accrued while going to school.

The average graduate student, upon graduation, had $39,400 in debt from attending school for higher degrees. While more education should mean better paychecks and benefits, this is increasingly not true as more people flock to school.

Accruing interest will affect your income for years as you repay student loans regardless of their source

The student loan crisis is primarily fueled by two factors: the rising cost of education and the difficulty recent graduates face when entering the job market. Too many students have agreed, payday loan assistance Louisiana prior to entering their freshman year of college, to a lot of debt in the form of loans without understanding the risks from interest rates, the differences in how loans work depending on if they are private or federal, and how much ability they have to discuss the loan’s terms with the granting organization once they have a job or if they struggle to find employment.

About 11% of student loan borrowers were 90 days, or three months, delinquent on paying their loans. It is likely that many of these people have no way to pay their loans or to pay more than the interest payment, but they have not discussed the loan’s terms with a bank manager or another officer who can help them.

While changing laws and better jobs can certainly help to alleviate the student loan debt crisis, it is important for you as an individual student to be cautious about how much money you borrow. This includes understanding the terms of a student loan.

You may also consider following a career path that allows forgiveness for these loans or finding an employer willing to pay them off for you over time.

  • If you demonstrate financial need when repayment begins, the government can pay part of your interest
  • Discharge: While student loan discharge may look like forgiveness or cancellation, the terms of discharge typically have nothing to do with your career. Instead, if you are totally and permanently disabled so you are unable to work, or if the school that managed your loan closes, you can be discharged of responsibility to repay the loan. In very rare cases, declaring bankruptcy can also discharge your student loan debt.


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